Propaganda and Counterpropaganda in the United States

“There is truth and there are lies. Lies told for power and for profit. And each of us has a duty and responsibility, as citizens, as Americans, and especially as leaders – leaders who have pledged to honor our Constitution and protect our nation — to defend the truth and to defeat the lies.”
PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, State Dept Website - Disarming Disinformation: Our Shared Responsibility page (who really believes he meant any of this?) Updated: February 8, 2024

“There is truth and there are lies,” #ShowerJoe said as he opened up his stand-up comedy routine in front of a giant queer flag hung from the Big Top Circus Clown Show at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. He reached up to his giant red nose, honked it twice, the audience laughed and applauded, and he continued with the comedy routine, cloaked in the guise of seriously fighting Misinformation and Disinformation.

The applause died out as Alanis Morissette sang, “Isn’t this ironic?”, because if this weren't state level Disinformation, or actually Misinformation in this case because Biden's too senile to know what's true and what's not, he should've said, “There is Truth, and there is Deception, because in order to deceive, you need not make a false statement. A lie doesn't become deception until it is believed.” But he didn’t say that, because part of the strategy of large-scale Deception is keeping your target audience in the dark to the fact that you can deceive by selectively telling part of the story, without stating any factual lies. Lies of omission.

Americans view propaganda as a way to win over hearts and minds of the target population. This is different from Russian Propaganda in that Russia sets out a goal and uses Propaganda to get there. The American style lends itself to lying as a means to an end. This may work in the short term given the vast budget and reach of the CIA Mockingbird Network, but it is costly and doomed to fail once the dust settles. This harms the reliability of Western governments and media outlets, making people less likely to believe them, thus relying on Western governments for accurate information less and less as a result. 

For those who don’t know, the “Mockingbird Media” comes from the CIA’s Project Mockingbird, started in the 1960s, that created a network of media allies to print stories fed to them by the CIA in order to spread Propaganda and Disinformation to a global audience, and get around the law that blocked them from spreading Propaganda to the domestic audience by targeting news outlets who served as sources for American domestic media.

How NATO Conceptualizes Deception

In the first lesson, we learned how Russians view ‘Propaganda’. It tells a lot to see how NATO defines it very, very differently. When you compare definitions, you will see why Russian Propaganda is much more effective and where the problem is in long-term Propaganda strategies which fail in the West.

Propaganda – information designed to manipulate a specific target audience toward a particular behavior or belief, often as part of a prolonged campaign by a state actor with a political agenda. 

NATO’s webpage - “NATO’s approach to countering disinformation”  Updated 08 Nov 2023 

Whereas the Russians see Propaganda as ‘words, images and actions used to attain a goal or spread an idea,’ NATO and the West see Propaganda as inherently manipulative and deceptive, with the goal of affecting behavior without the idea of inspiration to attain an openly-stated common goal. In the West, Propaganda is seen as a dirty word. In Russia, it is seen as a way to get people, either small groups or the masses, on the same page so that they can unify and take their own actions to achieve a clearly stated goal. This makes Western Propaganda weak and expensive, because they must spend resources to force the lie upon the population while continuously having to censor that pesky thing we call the truth. Without heavy Censorship, American-Style Propaganda could not survive, as it is seen as cheesy as Late-Stage Soviet Propaganda talking about Crop Reports, which in the United States shows up as bogus FBI crime statistics and praise for whatever the fuck “Bidenomics” is.

While the Soviet Union came to be laughed at for its insane attempts at hiding reality with newspapers called ironic names like ‘Pravda’ or ‘Novostiy’, Russian for ‘Truth’ and ‘News’, respectively, these just became the butt of jokes. “In News there is no Truth, and in Truth there is no News,” was a common joke back in Soviet Days.

The Soviet Union didn’t start out this way. The Soviets originally tried to use Propaganda to drive society forward to Communism, by creating the ‘ideal Communist Man and Woman’. They called this ‘Agitprop’, a portmanteau of ‘agitation’ and ‘Propaganda’, the Bolsheviks created a road show consisting of trains, cars, traveling theaters and pamphlets to try to teach backward Russians to quickly evolve into a ‘New Society’ where everything was done quickly and efficiently, so that the Soviet Union could prove that Communism, led by the idea that everyone worked together like Comrades, worked better and more efficiently than Capitalism, held down by profit-seeking.

Long story short, it didn’t work. However, it was too late to turn back after such a bloody revolution, so Agitprop turned into what the Western world considered Propaganda, lies and deception to hold power over people, controlling them so they couldn’t change the system and wouldn’t be overtaken by Capitalist countries.

These lies led to the Mass Psychosis that gripped 1930s Moscow under Stalin’s Great Terror, where people couldn’t speak out against the idiocy that came to be known as the Party Line. Political Correctness, before being exported to America as a tool of subversion, was first used as a weapon internally on the Soviet citizens to keep them in line in the face of the growing absurdity that was daily life full of lies.

When Putin rose to power, having been a career KGB Officer, he saw firsthand the effects of this kind of Propaganda and made changes. In the course I studied in 2002-2003, they taught that state channels would no longer engage in Disinformation as a means to manipulate the people, but rather to report facts in news articles, state their future goals, and keep any writing about narratives under labeled ‘Op-Ed’ or ‘Analysis’. 

Given that he learned his lesson in how lies tear a society apart during the Soviet Union, Putin opted to tell the truth, albeit with small, unprovable lies, to the people in order to maintain social cohesion so that the people know the government’s position on topics as well as its immediate and long-term goals. While the Western Mockingbird Media likes to repeat the mantra, “Putin lies! Putin lies!” his stated reasons and goals for the Special Military Operation in Ukraine turned out to all be true, making the West look like liars after all.

I will cover Russia’s long-term propaganda goals taught to me in 2002 and how they’ve come to fruition and what the next steps are in Lesson 9.

The Convoluted Western Information Landscape

With a view of Russia’s past experience with Propaganda in the rearview mirror, let’s take a look at the current state of information warfare as viewed from the West, namely NATO and the United States as they publish their views openly online.

First, let’s look at the outline   NATO’s webpage, “NATO’s approach to countering disinformation” Updated 08 Nov 2023

Here’s a rundown of the terms NATO listed on its webpage. It’s fine if you are a bit confused, we’ll discuss these later.

  1. Disinformation – false or inaccurate information spread deliberately to manipulate the opinions and actions of others  
  2. Misinformation – false or inaccurate information spread without malicious intent, although its effects can still be harmful
  3. Propaganda – information designed to manipulate a specific target audience toward a particular behavior or belief, often as part of a prolonged campaign by a state actor with a political agenda
  4. Hostile Narrative – a specific story developed to discredit or defame a particular target
  5. Hostile Information Activities – a wide range of coordinated actions designed to sow distrust and manipulate opinion, usually involving one or all of the above methods and techniques, such as misleading memes, conspiracy theories, deepfake images or videos, quotes taken out of context, or simply outright lies that people tell to manipulate others
  6. Foreign Information Manipulation and Interference (FIMI) – a pattern of behavior that threatens or has the potential to negatively impact values, procedures and political processes in a target country. Such activity is mostly non-illegal, but is manipulative in character, conducted in an intentional and coordinated manner, by state or non-state actors, including their proxies inside and outside of their own territory [Note: This is confusing but it gives them justification to censor viewpoints if they claim they come from a foreign state actor, like the Democrats did by constantly repeating the Big Lie that Trump colluded with Russia in the 2016]
  7. Hybrid Warfare – use of military and non-military as well as covert and overt means (including disinformation, cyber attacks, economic pressure, deployment of irregular armed groups and use of regular forces) to blur the lines between war and peace, sow doubt in the minds of target populations, and destabilize and undermine societies

Now that you read all that, I’ll compare this to the way they taught me in my course on Russian Propaganda. There are two flavors of information: Propaganda, or the truth with little, unprovable lies that drive the Propaganda forward, and Disinformation, or deception used to censor opposition to the Propaganda or unbalance the enemy. Just as people say, “You don’t shit where you eat,” Russian Propagandists avoid spreading Disinformation to their own people in order to build coherence among the population and avoid the chaos that ensues when the citizenry must debunk government lies from official sources.

To start off, the first three on the list, Disinformation, Misinformation and Propaganda, are all the same essential thing in the Western view: deception. The difference between Disinformation and Misinformation is a matter of intent. ‘Hostile Narrative’ means anyone expressing a worldview different from that of the West. 

I don’t know the difference between Disinformation and Hostile Information Activities, other than scale and originator of the Disinformation, a distinction that seems unnecessary. Notice they include ‘conspiracy theories’ in this? I’ll go into more detail on that later in this lesson and the book. I dedicate a full chapter to the CIA’s weaponization of the term, though if you Google that, you’ll read Disinformation saying, “the CIA didn’t invent the term Conspiracy Theory.” While that is factually true, the term existed for decades before the CIA used it in a secret PSYOP memo dispersed to popularize the term and lampoon anyone who, correctly as we would find out in 2017, said that Lee Harvey Oswald was a CIA asset.

Breaking down the term, a “conspiracy” is when two or more people scheme in secret to do harmful things, and a “theory” is an explanation based on evidence but not fully provable. This type of rhetoric presupposes that anyone trying to figure out nefarious schemes is, by insinuation, foolish and should be lampooned. In this case, NATO takes it one step further and labels it as militarily hostile.

There is a history of weaponized conspiracy theories, such as the KGB spreading the idea that the CIA started AIDS. This is dismissed by the CIA as Dezinformatsiya, or Disinformation, as they openly started countering Soviet attempts to use the KGB to spread Black Propaganda, or Propaganda of false origin used to discredit the enemy. Stalin coined the term ‘Dezinformatsiya’ in 1923 after having served as Editor of Pravda, the official newspaper of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union at the time, using a French-sounding name to make the practice sound like it had a Western origin.

Stalin created the Special Disinformation Office after the failures of Agitprop, the honest attempt to use Propaganda to bring about Communism, began to mount. Since then, the Soviet Union relied heavily on Big Lie Propaganda, or repeating a lie over and over until the people believe it is true, to deceive the public into supporting policies that they otherwise wouldn’t support. Stalin’s propensity for Disinformation led to the Mass Psychosis in 1930’s Moscow that was the subject of Mikhail Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita, as Stalin used the NKVD to hunt down and eliminate opposition to his Dezinformatsiya. Since lies pervaded Moscow and telling the truth caused trouble, people started going insane and isolated themselves from each other so as not to risk getting a late night knock at the door.

However, this story is not so clear cut. While there hasn’t been enough proof of a conspiracy within the CIA to create HIV/AIDS to raise this above the theory level, there is some validity to the KGB claim that the CIA may have been involved in spreading AIDS in some way. The best lies are grounded in truth.

On May 11 1987, The London Times published an explosive article entitled "Smallpox vaccine triggered AIDS virus." The story suggested the WHO’s (World Health Organization) Smallpox Eradication Vaccine Program unleashed AIDS in Africa. Nearly 100 million Africans were inoculated by the WHO in Central Africa. It is believed the vaccine awakened a dormant AIDS virus infection. 

The article states that an unnamed advisor to the WHO admitted, "Now I believe the smallpox vaccine theory is the explanation for the explosion of AIDS."

One of the doctors who discovered HIV, Robert Gallo, M,D., told The Times: "The link between the WHO program and the epidemic is an interesting and important hypothesis.” 

But wait, there’s more! A NYPost article titled ‘Some COVID-19 vaccines increase HIV risk’ creates a very curious link between two vaccines and epidemics: Biological Terrorist Dr. Fauci. As evidence mounted that Fauci commissioned the Gain of Function research at the Wuhan lab that released COVID-19, with evidence the CIA had a hand in this as well, an unavoidable suspicion arises that would make the CIA and Fauci even worse than Mengele.

While this doesn’t prove HIV/AIDS was made in a CIA lab, it goes to show the way Spy Agencies fight the Information War, with one using facts to build what looks like a Disinformation campaign, while the other side uses this Disinformation campaign to its own benefit to cover up related bad deeds.

In an interesting turn, while researching this, Tucker Carlson posted a related video that raises suspicion. It turns out that, in the late 1960s during the height of the Biological Weapon race against the Soviet Union, government laboratories began experimenting with ticks, injecting them with various diseases. This caused an increase in tick-borne illnesses, including Lyme disease, which since has become endemic in areas around the country. 

At any rate, whether this theory is true or false, the mainstream narrative calls it a ‘Conspiracy Theory’ in order to stop normies from investigating further or even listening to anyone presenting evidence. Nonetheless, the claim that the CIA created HIV/AIDS is often cited as a case of foreign-born Black Propaganda, or Disinformation, that is used to claim that the government must crack down on the First Amendment, even though this claim did no damage within the United States itself. It accomplishes this by connecting the CIA-Weaponized Term ‘Conspiracy Theory’ to the ‘absurd’ claim that the CIA created HIV/AIDS even though the claim isn’t as absurd as one may originally think.

Foreign information manipulation and interference (FIMI) is simply information that foreign actors spread in the U.S. that can either be truthful, to expose and weaken that country’s power structure, or disinformation, designed to help a foreign country or weaken the target country. 

Hybrid Warfare is a general term that is useful in various forms of Information Warfare, including Psychic and Psychological Warfare, as information is a much larger component of modern warfare due to the internet and the ability for information to spread globally from any point on the earth.

The webpage sneakily says that “disinformation undermines trust in governments,” as if governments are trustworthy to begin with. This indoctrinates the reader to think that anyone who says that NATO governments, especially the United States, are not trustworthy, is part of a Russian Disinformation PSYOP.

NATO goes on to say that it uses many tactics to counter so-called Disinformation, including on social media. It’s no wonder they don’t promote the NAFO PSYOP on their site, but now you see how they nonetheless implement Disinformation masked as “fighting Disinformation.”

NATO Propaganda as Counterpropaganda against Russia

The NATO webpage contains two links: one to a video titled “Debunking Russian Myths”, and second a glittering generality called “The Kremlin’s Litany of Lies”. The video simply shows Putin stating his claims about the reasons for the Special Military Operation (SMO), for instance that NATO provoked Russia, but Russia did not want to occupy Ukraine. As we saw with the scuttled peace agreement from April 2022, this was actually true, and I’m surprised that NATO would be so sloppy as to leave it up, as it is very easily debunked since the draft peace agreement was released in March 2024, showing that it gave all land taken during the SMO back to Ukraine in exchange for certain guarantees for Russia.

The second link, “The Kremlin’s Litany of Lies,” listed a set of bullet points with claims that they would class as ‘Propaganda’, or attempts to manipulate the public with lies, along with flowery language to explain the NATO narrative about why these claims are false. This page is what is called in the West ‘Counterpropaganda’, or efforts to counter hostile ‘Propaganda’. Each one of these counterpoints are state-levelDisinformation, part of the military alliance’s efforts to keep Western voters in the dark about the Truth in order to continue with the warmongering strategy of provocation against Russia to draw it into a war with the aim of toppling Putin and turning Russia into another Ukraine, or any of the other former Soviet states that started flying rainbow flags as Western powers stripped their self-governance and sovereign control over national resources. Talking points filed the answers that online ‘Anti-Disinfo Agents’ can parrot around the internet so that it gives the illusion of truth through repetition, aka The Big Lie Strategy. Rather than address all the nonsense wrapped in flowery language, I’ll just state the claim, then show you how to see that the answers are deceptive.

The source for these questions is: updated 12 Jan. 2024.

CLAIM: NATO is at war with Russia in Ukraine.

It is now known that NATO trainers have been working with the Ukrainian Military since 2014, going so far as to fire the missiles that hit Russian targets. We’ve also found that Victoria Nuland admitted to Congress that there are dozens of CIA operated Bioweapons Labs along the border of Russia, and the NYTimes revealed that there are over a dozen secret CIA bases in Ukraine.

In June 2022, former Secretary General of NATO Jans Stoltenberg admitted that NATO’s preparation for war against Russia started in 2014. “The reality is also that we have been preparing for [the Ukraine conflict] since 2014,” he stated. “That is the reason that we have increased our presence in the eastern part of the alliance, why NATO allies have started to invest more in defense, and why we have increased [our] readiness.” 

CLAIM: NATO promised Russia it would not expand after the Cold War

When this claim is brought up, Anti-Disinfo Agents ask the same question, “Show me the signed document where they made this agreement.” The reason is there was no signed document. Russia was in a shambles at the time and not diplomatically in order. They expected the U.S. to treat Russia at least as good as they treated Germany and Japan after WWII, if not better, because Russia admitted defeat without going to hot war with the US.

“The National Security Archive at George Washington University in Washington, DC published records showing that U.S. Secretary of State James Baker reassured Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev ‘not once, but three times’ that NATO would expand ‘not one inch eastward,’ in a February 9, 1990 meeting.” 

CLAIM: NATO is aggressive

As NATO aggressively expanded eastward, they repeated the claim that it is a defensive alliance, even though they’ve engaged in former Yugoslavia, though it did not threaten NATO countries, and toppled Gaddafi in Libya, to name two cases, neither were defensive. NATO helped the Ukrainian military bomb the Donbass since 2014, killing over 14,000 civilians, which made for a third, and most flagrant, aggressive action.

CLAIM: NATO's deployments are a threat to Russia

NATO is trying to encircle Russia. It now has its sights set on the country of Georgia. Russia was invaded three times through Ukraine, therefore the prospect of Ukraine joining a hostile military alliance would serve as a major threat to the sovereignty of Russia. If Ukraine joins NATO, the Western alliance can place nukes 305 miles from Moscow. The U.S. nearly started WWIII over the Cuban Missile Crisis, yet NATO says nukes 305 miles from Moscow does not threaten Russia. Now that Finland joined NATO, the alliance covers most of Russia’s western border, and efforts to expand NATO to the country of Georgia show that the alliance wants to metastasize far from the North Atlantic and far beyond Europe to encircle the majority of Russia’s population.

CLAIM: NATO is encircling Russia

Answered in the last question, but it is silly that the NATO website has a map of Russia to show how much is not encircled by NATO, but they don’t point out that the part not encircled is largely Siberia, which is sparsely populated.

CLAIM: Ukraine will not join NATO

NATO gives nothing more than lip service that Ukraine will join the Western alliance. NATO put forth no concrete plan for the accession of Ukraine. Ukraine can’t join NATO while in conflict, and the U.S. has planned for the conflict to last at least ten more years according to Biden’s funding requests.

CLAIM: NATO's out of area operations prove that the Alliance is not defensive

This part makes excuses for actions in former Yugoslavia and Libya, stating that there was a UN Resolution to protect civilians in Libya. However, Libya did not attack a NATO country, therefore this was not a defensive action from the point of view of NATO countries, as NATO is not the UN’s military enforcement arm, but rather a separate organization. Gaddafi’s ouster led to a breakdown in civil order and created a catastrophe for Europe as Africans now flood through Libya and into Europe as Gaddafi had warned would happen if the West ousted him.


According to Wikipedia, “Counterpropaganda is a form of communication consisting of methods taken and messages relayed to oppose propaganda which seeks to influence action or perspectives among a targeted audience. It is closely connected to propaganda as the two often employ the same methods to broadcast messages to a targeted audience.”

In ‘countering Russian Propaganda’, NATO had to engage in lies. In short, Counterpropaganda is generally a term for Disinformation, especially when you take into context how Russia views Propaganda.

A Good Old Fashioned Smear Campaign

Another American-Style Propaganda trick is the Smear Campaign. Smear tactics aren’t limited America, as they have been around for as long as humans learned to talk, but as part of a state-level Information War Strategy, Russia sees it as obsolete as it always ends up backfiring on the purveyor of the smear campaign. In order to prevent Westerners from listening to any of Putin’s side of the story, he had to be smeared. The ultimate smear in politics is to be labeled as ‘Hitler’. “Putin is Hitler” became the mantra repeated without substance to back it up, as once they label a person as such, anyone defending that person gets labeled a Nazi.

On 25 Jan 2024, the U.S. State Department published a report not just smearing Putin as the modern Hitler, but rather that he was the heir to over a century of Antisemitism from the Kremlin. In a Global Engagement Center Special Report entitled, “More than a Century of Antisemitism: How Successive Occupants of the Kremlin Have Used Antisemitism to Spread Disinformation and Propaganda,” ( the State Department made the effort to smear Russia as rampantly Antisemitic, though the evidence presented does not live up to their bold claims.

While on one hand, comparing Zelensky to Hitler was called Antisemitic only because he has Jewish roots. Nevermind he used the Banderista Nazis for much of the heavy lifting in the war, engaged in heavy handed tactics like canceling elections, eliminated freedom of speech and religion, kidnapped men on the streets in front of their families to force to the front line and most notably used the tactics of training minors in the military to be sent to their deaths on the front line on their 18th birthday, even after it was clear victory was not possible. However, comparing Putin to Hitler was fair game because…reasons. They never made a clear argument for such a comparison other than “Putin invaded his neighbor”, but that describes every single border dispute in history, not just WWII.

In another report titled “The Kremlin’s Chemical Weapons Disinformation Campaigns,” on 11 May 2022, about Chemical and Biological weapons, called Russia’s accusations about these weapons being produced in Ukraine “Russian Disinformation”. I haven’t heard or read anything credible about Chemical Weapons being found or used other than a passing accusation here and there that quickly disappeared from the discussion, but Victoria Nuland did, as laid out above, admit to Congress a year later that the U.S. did have Biological Weapons Labs in Ukraine. The article claimed that Russia used Chemical Weapons in Ukraine, but I haven’t seen confirmation nor mention of it since, which would be a major issue if it had happened and it appears the West has memory-holed the claim, which means it was bullshit.

Glenn Greenwald did amazing in-depth coverage of the Disinformation campaign surrounding these Bioweapons Labs, showing stories run in the Mockingbird Media to discredit Russia’s efforts to get the truth out about Weapons of Mass Destruction being produced by the U.S. along Russia’s borders, something that could easily spark WWIII. Notice that the link to the YouTube video of the hearing no longer exists, but thanks to X, you can see Nuland’s admission here, where you can watch Slimy Nuland express concern that her Ukrainian Bioweapons Program will fall into the hands of the Russians: 

Senator Rubio asked Nuland the hypothetical that if there were a chemical or biological attack, would she be 100% certain it would be the Russians’ fault. Nuland said with absolute certainty that it would be, because it is a “classic Russian tactic” of blaming the other side for that which you do yourself. Ironic, since Saul Alinksy said that in Rules for Radicals, which is a book touted by Nuland’s own party leaders, Barack Obama and Killary Clinton. Here’s the clip: 

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a statement with a link to their Telegram channel that Nuland lied when she claimed the biolabs were for research purposes, but rather were dual-purpose, meaning research AND military purposes. If you want a chuckle, look at the NAFO (from last chapter) responses to the Russian MFA’s post to see the quality of ‘work’ the “Anti-Disinfo Agents” put into ‘debunking’ Russian claims. Don’t think this is an anomaly, this is par for the course:

Russian Propaganda Example: Now, for a taste of a little Military-Grade Russian Propaganda…Watch this video of Russian Defense Ministry Lieutenant General Kirillov stating that Russia has evidence that the United States’ Military Biological Warfare Program is funded by government money laundered through NGOs owned by leaders of the Democratic Party: Rockefellers, Soros, Clintons…and Biden. Do you believe it? Time will tell…

Protecting America’s False Narratives

Most Americans get their view on Propaganda from Edward Bernays, called the Father of Modern Propaganda, who wrote the book Propaganda. I hated the book to be quite honest. A more fitting name would be Manipulation. It misses the power of true Propaganda in unifying a people around a goal or idea, and instead talks about methods to trick people into acting against their own self-interest and instead in the interest of someone else or other group of people. Bernays used the knowledge in this book to coin the terms ‘Marketing’ and ‘Public Relations’, both of which were designed to snow the public into being more easily controlled by powerful interests.

Since America doesn’t have an official Propaganda mouthpiece, such as a Ministry of Propaganda, using the Russian definition of the word, it relies on short-sighted narratives, usually chocked full of Disinformation, in order to meet the short-term goals of a government that operates on four-year cycles, and this Disinformation disseminates through mainstream media so as to obscure the source and confuse people. Since these false narratives run into opposition in the form of the truth, they have to set up a sort of Ministry of Truth in order to keep the citizenry in the dark as to what the truth actually is.

America runs its Censorship apparatus out of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), who has, strangely, the goal of policing what the American public can read and learn. The Agency polices speech under the tool of control I call The Censorship Triad: Disinformation, Misinformation and Malinformation. The most kooky of the three is Malinformation, which is information that is true, but could do damage to a person’s reputation if publicized. This openly attempts to censor inconvenient truths that threaten those in power, because those in power certainly wouldn’t protect the opposition. This is only included to be abused to cover for bad information that comes out about the politically connected.

Through The Censorship Triad, CISA can help maintain control of the narrative and censor damning information that comes out at the wrong time, as happened with Hunter Biden’s laptop leaking right before the election, which was swiftly called ‘RUSSIAN DISINFORMATION’ by fifty-two former spooks including CIA heads, thus repeated around the media, even though the claim itself turned out to be Disinformation, yet it was never censored. Curious.

CISA has the power to deem anyone an Enemy Combatant if they don’t like what you say. If you retweet something deemed “Russian Disinformation”, you could be considered an Enemy Combatant on the digital battlefield and punitive action could be taken against you. Given that we found that the truth is often labeled “Disinformation”, this amounts to nothing more than Soviet-Style Censorship.

Accusations of Disinformation don't correct lies, it's a sleight of hand to maintain narrative control by presenting a version of the claim alongside a fraudulent “correction” that is slightly off-center so as to be perceived by the normie as refuting “Disinformation” while in fact actually spreading Disinformation. Using the psychological strategy of branding a website as a “Fact Checker”, Disinformationists hide that this is nothing more than a smoky room full of professional, state-trained Disinfo Agents keeping the citizenry from learning the truth, or at least enough citizens to keep the population bickering over easily disprovable lies.

This begs the question, how does CISA determine what is Disinformation? Do they cite the NATO website full of lies, or a Mockingbird Media article that uses the NATO website as a source, or a Fact Checker who uses the Mockingbird Media as a source? If I had written in February 2022 that the U.S. had biolabs in Ukraine, that would’ve been called “Russian Disinformation”, and CISA would’ve deemed me an Enemy Combatant for writing this. Today, however, I have proof that those biolabs actually exist/ed. You cannot have First Amendment rights when your speech the government, under the Secretary of Homeland Defense, polices your speech and label free speech a ‘weapon’ in Hybrid Warfare, and an American citizen can be jailed in America for simply telling the truth.

The problem with the American model of Psychological Warfare is that it's based on lies the government tells the American public which work as long as the public doesn't have access to a digital memory like the internet and an uncensored search engine, unlike Google.

When Lindsey Graham goes on TV and admits that the U.S. can't let slip away the $12 trillion in minerals that Ukraine sits upon, we have easy access to past videos of him warmongering claiming they'd fight for “freedom and democracy” “to the last Ukrainian”, cheering on Russian deaths because Ukrainians were dying and not Americans, and now Russia scored a major propaganda victory that they can show this was always about access to resources, as evidence for Putin’s claim that America is the Empire of Lies. 

The Old Faithful – Smearing with Antisemitism

Few people question the validity of an accusation of Antisemitism. When someone is labeled an Antisemite, if you defend that person, that lands you the title ‘Nazi’, no questions asked. Knowing this, the CIA makes good use of this heavily weaponized term that’s so powerful that it could even be called the most powerful Psychological Weapon in existence today. In order to defend yourself against it, you are trapped in explaining history that evades school history books and Hollyweird movies, thus you must deliver a soliloquy that makes the listener's eyes glaze over as they cement the opinion in their mind that you’re just a Nazi. This is why the word ‘Antisemitism’ makes for such a good smear.

Before diving deeper into this, allow me to introduce you to The Moscow Times, a painfully obvious CIA-front rag for Mockingbird Media-style Yellow Journalism, expanding Operation Mockingbird into Russia since 1992 from its birthplace in Amsterdam. The following pulls from its Wikipedia page on June 24, 2024, with my own injected content in brackets. 

In March 2020, the online newspaper launched a Russian language edition [in preparation for the coming proxy war in Ukraine between the United States and Russia, as well as a Color Revolution led by CODENAME: DIPSHIT NAVALNY to topple the sitting President of Russia, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.]

Following the passage of a law restricting coverage of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in March 2022, the newspaper moved its main editors to Amsterdam [to avoid getting rightfully arrested for running Active Measures from within Russia proper.] On 15 April, Roskomnadzor blocked access to the Russian-language website of The Moscow Times in Russia after it had published what authorities called [rightfully] a false report on Russian riot police officers refusing to participate in the invasion. To make the website available within Russia despite blocks, it registered a range of domain names, sending links to the next current domain to readers via Telegram when one is blocked [as would any state-level intelligence operation spreading Western-style Propaganda and Disinformation into a hostile territory, trying to topple yet another democratically elected government that didn’t bow to demands coming out of DC as dictated by the Western Banking Cartel operating under names such as the International Monetary Fund and World Bank.]

On 17 March 2023, The Moscow Times said it has been [rightfully] designated a ‘foreign agent’ by Russia's justice ministry, which [accurately] accused The Moscow Times of spreading inaccurate information about authorities' decisions, thereby forming a negative image of Russia [aka American Disinformation.] The Moscow Times said that the foreign agent legislation had been ‘disproportionately used’ [a subtle admission that the Russians were 100% factually correct in their claims, therefore they could make no coherent rebuttal, and thus chose to smear the Russian government with a jellyfish-like amorphous word, ‘disproportionately’, that can never be either proven or disproven as it relies on personal judgment as to what would be considered ‘proportional’, aka Professional American Disinformation.]

Now that I’ve properly introduced you to the Mockingbird Media’s The Moscow Times, I would like to draw your attention to an article I found while researching the introduction to this book on Political Correctness, written on June 14, 2012 by an American fella named Michael Bohm, entitled “Russia Can Benefit From Political Correctness”. I was shocked to read this in a publication targeted at a Russian audience because I was just en train de read about how completely destructive Political Correctness had been in the Soviet Union, making everyday life a living hell under Stalin, and currently witnessing what an utter catastrophe it turned into in America under the new name called ‘Wokeness’.

Michael lives in Russia, speaks Russian, and ostensibly knows Russian history better than the average bear. I didn’t have to read past the title to know without a doubt that this guy was/is CIA. That’s how obvious they are, recalling what they told me in my Spy Training in Russia in 2002, when my trainer told me, to my complete disbelief back then, how obvious the CIA is to Russian Spies. I cover this 20 Minute Class on How to be a Russian Spy™ that opened my eyes, to put it lightly, to the world of Russian Espionage, in the next chapter. My trainer told me this along with the warning, “Do not join the CIA…or else we’ll catch YOU just as easily.” And now, twenty two years later, I totally get it. It’s really, really fucking easy to spot CIA. Sorry, guys, but all that training they do at The Farm is worth absolutely nill in Mother Russia, the Birthplace of Modern Espionage.

I decided to check his Wikipedia page to see which CIA-cover organizations he worked at, and noticed that the ‘Early Life’ section was rather light. But alas! Jackpot! It says right there that “Bohm also writes a blog for the liberal radio station Echo of Moscow”. Clicking on the link for Echo of Moscow, you’ll see that this station has broadcast ‘liberal’ news, aka CIA-Propaganda, into Russia and former Soviet Republics since Soviet times, as it was constantly being shut down by the KGB. So yeah, total CIA spook. So I reached into my drawer and pulled out my Bullshit Detection Goggles and did a deep dive into some Good Old Fashioned American Disinformation Fluff™.

Now, this is a very interesting turn we are about to take. I was just writing the part above and had written that Bohm’s Wikipedia page talked about his CIA career, because I remembered reading it, but wanted to check the page one more time for accuracy, and all mention of the CIA had been removed, so I wrote the last paragraph leaving it out, but it didn’t sit right with me. My tingly Spy Senses were going off that there was more that I had read before. 

I went through the notes I had written a few months ago and, low and behold, by sheer happenstance, I had copied the section to my notes and saw that my gut was onto something. His Wikipedia page had been scrubbed not only of any mention of his career at CIA, but also some inconvenient truths about him that show a pattern of subversion in Russia. Here’s a link to the edits and the original paragraph I found followed by the scrubbed version:  In the mid to late eighties, Bohm began his career with the Central Intelligence Agency. From 2007 to 2014, he served as an opinion page editor and wrote an op-ed column for the Moscow Times.[3][4][5][6] Bohm also writes a blog for the liberal radio station Echo of Moscow. He taught a journalism course in 2015 at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations.[1][7] [break] On 1 March 2022, the office of the Prosecutor-General of Russia asked Roskomnadzor to restrict access to Echo of Moscow as well as TV Rain due to their coverage of the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces, claiming that they were spreading "deliberately false information about the actions of Russian military personnel" as well as "information calling for extremist activity" and "violence".[15] Later that day, Echo of Moscow was taken off the air, the first time since 1991.[2][16] The following morning, according to Venediktov, YouTube blocked the station's channel, its only broadcasting avenue in Europe, because the station is affiliated with Gazprom.[17] On 3 March, Venediktov reported that the YouTube channel was unblocked.[18] On 3 March, the board of directors voted to close the station down.[3] The station's radio frequency was subsequently taken over by state-run Radio Sputnik.[19]

And here’s today’s version:

Bohm has lived and worked in Russia for nearly twenty years. He is fluent in Russian, speaking with a slight accent.[1]
From 2007 to 2014, he served as an opinion page editor and wrote an op-ed column for the Moscow Times.[3][4][5][6]
Bohm also writes a blog for the liberal radio station Echo of Moscow. He taught a journalism course in 2015 at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations.[1][7]
In 2015 a book was published in his name, President Putin's Mistake, in which Bohm sued the author for intellectual property violations. He won the lawsuit in a Moscow court.[1][8]

It doesn’t take a trained analyst to see the difference.

If you’re on the MACTEP-Certification Track™, you’ll want to go ahead and read the article beforehand and see if you can spot the obvious bullshit and Disinformation in the article before reading on to see how you did. 

As I said earlier, the premise of the article states that Russia needs to go back to trying Political Correctness, as if it worked so well before. If you’re reading the book, you’ve already read the intro on the disastrous trainwreck to a free society that is called ‘Political Correctness’, aka Censorship by Public Pressure and Guilt™, but if you’re following on the blog, you’ll have to wait until I post the introduction at a later date.

The gist of Political Correctness is that it is an effective way to censor opposition to the controlling Party’s ever-changing rules and policies. If the Party wants to implement an unpopular or disastrous policy that will obviously have disastrous and avoidable effects, the Party simply tells the citizens that opposition to the current policy or current thing is ‘not politically correct’, then the sheep shun those who do not toe the Party line. Lenin and Stalin came up with the idea, which led to the horrors of the Great Terror in 1930s Moscow that formed the backdrop of the greatest book to ever come out of the Soviet Union – The Master and Margarita.

When Americans read the book, they’re left speechless. They don’t even know how to describe it or what the messages of the book are. The Devil comes to Moscow with a ragtag gang of hoodlums including a big, black cat who loves vodka, guns and mayhem, but if Muscovites pointed out the cat to the authorities, the authorities act like they can’t see it, or maybe really can’t, and instead take the concerned citizen to the Political Prison called a ‘Psych Ward’ to shut them up and make people think they’re crazy if they ever point out the big, black cat again.

‘The Master’ is a writer who wrote a story about Jesus, which wouldn’t make it past the Soviet Censors because that topic was not considered ‘Politically Correct’. Instead of living a life where he couldn’t write what he wanted, he burned the manuscript (a tip to Bulgakov’s having burned the original version of The Master and Margarita as this book is considered by some to be the most censored book in history and wasn’t released to the public for thirty-three years after it was written) and went to the Political Prison you all call a ‘Psych Ward’ to get away from the Mass Psychosis that Stalin caused by using the NKVD to disappear any serious opposition to his tyrannical and contradictory, to the point of being absurd, policies.

A powerful line from the book is when the Devil asks The Master to see his manuscript, but The Master says that he burned it, and the Devil says, “Manuscripts don’t burn,” meaning that once the idea is thought, it can’t be destroyed, and the burned paper can be recreated because The Master already brought those thoughts into reality by writing them. The Devil didn’t care about the paper and ink, he wanted to know that the thoughts were out there, and he would find them.

At first it seems ironic that a book on Censorship would, itself, be heavily censored, but this should be obvious. A book talking about Censorship will challenge the status quo by teaching people to think in ways they felt forbidden from, and shares ideas between people, making them the literal definition of ‘conscious’, which means ‘to share knowing’. It’s not enough to know something to make a difference, you have to share that ‘knowing’ with others so that you can build upon it. While The Master and Margarita was not published for decades, copies of the book were passed person to person in order to get around the strict Censorship of the Soviet Union.

I find it interesting that I could not find an uncensored version of The Master and Margarita in English with the censored parts highlighted, though I’ve come across French and German versions that have this. This gives insight into the secret workings of censors and which parts, exactly, they felt the need to hide from the public.

As 2020s Woke America is learning, Political Correctness is a true Weapon of Mass Destruction in the Psychic and Psychological Battle in which we now find ourselves. People go nuts and the truth becomes criminal, and this is how Mass Psychosis arises.

So here we are, just eighty years later, and the CIA decides to unleash a spook,  Michael Bohm, to fulfill the role of the Bulgakovian Nouveau-MASSOLIT Censor, and pull out his pom-poms to cheerlead for the return of that disastrous trainwreck called ‘Political Correctness’ and unleash it on the Russians who, as he even admits in the article, don’t fucking want it at all. Ironically, they tell this American pushing Voluntary Censorship that they value their Free Speech too much to castrate their vocabulary like that, but this America doesn’t listen and tells them to willingly give up their Free Speech anyway.

One single paragraph from the article should’ve been the Alpha and Omega that summed it all up:

Nonetheless, many in Russia believe that American political correctness is immersed in hypocrisy and double standards. "Americans think one thing," I am often told, "say the complete opposite and cover it up with a fake smile. It may not always be pretty what we say about other nationalities, but at least we speak our minds — and the truth."

Done. That’s all you need to know. But no, Michael has an agenda that he left out of the article. His goal isn’t to ‘be more inclusive’, as is the promise, tiny bit of sugar that makes the Political Correctness Poison taste sweeter as it guts your inner organs. His goal had to be, as anyone who studied Soviet history would know, to tear Russian society apart by forcing people to lie and not address problems for fear of sounding like a bigot and then being shunned by work and social circles. It’s no secret that Trotsky WEAPONIZED the word ‘racism’ to inject into American society to cause endless strife as he saw the races were healing the racial divide naturally, and that made for less fertile ground to spread Communism to ‘Glavny Vrag’, or ‘Main Enemy’ (USA). ‘Weaponized’ is in all caps because if you tell commies this today, they’ll point out that Trotsky didn’t INVENT the word, which is true. It had a different meaning before Trotsky weaponized it, same as the CIA did with the term ‘Conspiracy Theory’, and same tactic they use to cover their tracks (there’s an entire chapter dedicated to the Psychological Weapon of a term, ‘Conspiracy Theory’, the second most powerful of its kind).

That short paragraph above is followed up by another short truth that I learned while studying in Russia:

As it turns out, in the politically correct United States, there is no real freedom of speech, Russians tell me, while in politically incorrect Russia, you can say whatever you want.

In the article, Michael bloviates pompously as he passes judgment on a culture that he either doesn’t, or doesn’t want to, understand, as he recounts an absolute atrocity he experienced while working in Russia:

In my 15 years working in Russia, I once received an email from a co-worker who sent the following message to hundreds of colleagues: "Apartment for rent. Slavs only."

I was shocked. The Russian who sent the message knew that his co-­workers were from various ethnic groups and would read the email. Did he really not understand that this message would offend his non-­Russian colleagues?

I tried to understand the reason behind this ugly incident. Was it a case of his upbringing? A banal case of racial prejudice? Or complete indifference to those whom ethnic Russians call "chuzhiye" — people of other ethnicities? It was probably a combination of all these factors.

When I confronted the sender, I asked him how he would have felt if he worked in a New York firm and received an email with this announcement: "Apartment for rent. Russians need not apply." He didn't reply.

Let me fill you in, Michael. He didn’t reply because you were the obvious example of why he only wanted to rent to Slavs. They get each other. They have a common culture, common norms, common expectations of each other. Here you come bursting in with your cowboy hat wanting to force your Disney/McDonald’s commercial ethics on everyone even though you’re the foreigner, and if you don’t like it, you’re free to get the fuck out. It’s their country, it’s their home, they would have a lot more trouble and lose a lot more if they were forced to leave to get away from your Politically Correct dumb ass.

I lived with a Russian, and she was extremely particular as to how she wanted things in the home and how to deal with people. Some parts of American culture she’d accept, but others, she didn’t. And these were non-negotiable. It was tough, but it was for the better. Russian society functions more tightly than American society. Russians adopt certain behaviors to avoid unnecessary troubles down the road.

For instance, I lived in the Obshaka (short for Obshezhitiye, Russian for student dorms) at Saint Petersburg State University in 2002-2003. They separated the floors appropriately. They put Europeans and Latin Americans on certain floors, and we all got along. We had common etiquette, quiet hours, cleanliness, etc. But I made a Chinese friend who called himself Donald who invited us to come to his room to cook us an authentic Chinese dinner. The first thing to note was that the floor stunk to high hell. The Chinese like to eat fish, then put the unusable parts in a plastic bag, and, for some reason, not walk twenty feet to drop it down the trash chute, but rather leave it right outside their dorm room door. There were like ten freaking bags in the hallway. I said, “What the fuck, Donald?!?!” He said, “I know, I know. It’s…you know…Chinese people.”

His meal was very interesting. Simple and tasty, not what I was used to at Chinese restaurants in America or Europe. But our problem was with his preparation. He cut raw chicken, then cut the vegetables with the same knife without washing it. I laughed and yelled, “Well here comes Salmonella!” He didn’t even know that was cause for concern.

It wasn’t all bad though. I learned a lot about simple life in China while we ate. I also learned the trick of cracking an egg into boiling water and stirring it to make a nice soup with salt and tomato. Well done, Donald!

I did not want to live on the Chinese floor. I was glad to be around people culturally like me. We loved Donald. He got beat up by the other Chinese students for hanging out with ‘foreigners’ (I think they forgot where they were and that they were foreigners, too). They weren’t tolerant of us, except for Donald and a few others. So we always invited Donald to hang out on our floor and I even tried to help him convince the Komandantsa (the mean lady in charge of the dorm) to change his room to another floor so he wouldn’t get beat up again. He tried to get me to help him bribe her with a bottle of wine, but I’m American, bribery is usually only limited to Capitol Hill. It was fun watching him try to bribe her in his broken Russian and she didn’t understand it was a bribe, but took the bottle of wine anyway.

To sum up this part of the story before we get into the meat of this section, this doesn’t have to do with hating people. I just don’t want to smell rotting fish in my room, that’s all. You can’t call me a bigot for that, Michael.

Now that the stage has been thoroughly set, painting Russians as rabid racists for wanting to rent to people who share their same moral structure, Michael moves on to the Top Tier Smear, the most powerful Psychological Weapon this side of Heaven: The Word Antisemitism. Once you get painted with that, you’d better buckle up, Buttercup, because you’re about to get absolutely wrecked.

Bohm states that the main reason Russia is Antisemitic is because State Duma Deputy Albert Makashov made comments about the over-representation of Jews in the Russian government. This was factually true, a fact that had been true ever since the Tsar was deposed during the Russian Revolution in 1917 and many of the top positions in the Soviet government were Jewish. Is this ‘Antisemitic’ to tell this simple truth? Jews who are in these positions of power would certainly think so in order to stoke public outrage when one points out this forbidden truth. Bohm plays on the expectation that we’ll just accept what he says at face value, and just like Good Little Liberal Lemmings™, we will replace our questions with outrage, and not ask why this is so, but rather admonish Albert for pointing out the obvious. If there were just as many Kenyan members of government, people would openly wonder why that is.

Bohm goes on to talk about Google cofounder Sergei Brin, whose family fled the USSR due to perceived persecution against the Jews, which in fact was actually an issue that started being addressed by Stalin to stop the rise in the number of Jews in positions in government and filling the elite intelligentsia circles. Was Stalin Antisemitic? There are rumors that Stalin, himself, was Jewish, but my research has found this to be inconclusive. Stalin grew up in a town with a large Jewish population, and all three of his wives are said to be Jewesses. Ekaterina Svanidze, Kadya Allevijah and Rosa Kaganovich, the sister of Lazar Kaganovich, who was the head of Soviet industry.

Stalin's daughter, Svetlana, married Lazar's son Mihail. Three of her four husbands were Jewish. This doesn’t sound like a family steeped in Antisemitism, yet Stalin still saw the need to limit the disproportionate power that this group held, just as there is a strong movement by white people, like Senile President Joe Biden, to limit the power of his own race in American circles of power.

Brin’s family left the USSR and founded the DARPA/CIA front company called ‘Google’, but Bohm doesn’t mention the military/intelligence ties, as it is rumored that American Intelligence chose to back Brin’s company because of his hatred for Russia due to feeling as though he was persecuted there. Bohm goes on in the article to paint Russia as Antisemitic, a classic CIA trick.

I tried to find connections from Bohm to the Jewish community, thinking that he would likely spread his fearmongering to Jews about ‘rampant Antisemitism’ in Russia, which amounts to an email he received saying Slavs only, and not actual problems like calls for genocide, physical violence, broken windows, harrassment, or anything like that. The only page I could find linking him to the Jewish community was one showing he was a contributor to ‘Еврейский Мир’, or Jewish World, a play on ‘Русский Мир’, or Russian World, and was targeted at Russian speakers in America. Admittedly, this is not much, but it shows that there is a connection to media targeting Jews where he could cultivate relationships to spread his smear campaign and incite unnecessary fear in the unsuspecting Jewish community.

The most important takeaway from this article is what it lacks. There’s no violence and no calls for genocide, which are the greatest actual fears that minority groups have in another country. There is only an attempt from Michael Bohm to bully his host country into submission to fit his own CIA-pushed agenda by trying to shame his host country to accept a form of Political Correctness that Bohm dictates, which is a perfect example of how Lenin and Stalin designed Political Correctness as a way to control their own country and subvert the enemy through a campaign of demoralization as laid out by Yuri Bezmenov in his famous talk on multi-generational Soviet subversion of the United States.

In all honesty, this article is small beans compared to what the CIA prepared for the United States State Department to release. This was just an example I stumbled upon which I thought highlighted the nefarious way in which the CIA plays on Identity Politics to push the very Political Correctness that the CIA’s old enemy, the KGB, had used to subvert America last century. It all comes full circle, forming one small step towards the leadup to a long and sustained smear campaign to weaken Russia from within, drive Jewish support for the country away, and with it, they hope, a subsequent drop in Russia’s standing in the world.

If you’re on the Certification Track, go ahead and read the summary on the link below and be prepared to be completely underwhelmed, then shocked at how deep the deception of this American Disinformation goes. You can read the whole boring report linked at the bottom of this linked page if you’d like, but all we need to tear this report apart can be found on page 31: 

This CIA-written U.S. State Department bullshit also smears Russia as “Aunty Semitic”. Under the heading “Pushing the UN to Adopt a Resolution Declaring Zionism is Racism” on page 31 of this Langley-Brand Digital Toilet Paper™, you’ll find the poetic line, ”capture the essence of The Protocols”. ‘Protocols’ refers to the book The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. The CIA and others claim it was a forgery to drum up Antisemitsm, however, a report called “THE POWER AND AIMS OF INTERNATIONAL JEWRY – U.S.WAR DEPARTMENT INVESTIGATION 1919” ( found the book to be true, and since time has passed, we’ve seen the agenda laid out in the book come to fruition.

Before we touch more on the contents and speculation about the origin of The Protocols, as I do a deep dive in a later chapter, I want to just pause for a moment and meditate on what it means to “capture the essence of The Protocols”. By this, the CIA refers to any argument or piece of information that interferes with their narrative. They read through The Protocols looking for something that sounds similar to a counterargument and then claim it “captures the essence of The Protocols”. The Mockingbird Media did this with Trump when he said criminal invaders pouring through the southern border were “poisoning the blood” of America. They all chirped in unison that this was ‘Hitleresque’ because Hitler also made the very common statement about poisoning the blood.

While we’re on the subject of Hitler, some lesser known facts about the man are that he was 1) a strict vegetarian, 2) loved children, and 3) loved dogs. So, be careful telling people you’re vegetarian, or that you love children or dogs, because the CIA will show up and write a gazillion page report on how you “capture the essence” of Hitler. Smearing is very easy when you just rely on labeling people as the boogeyman and so much of the population will believe you without further evidence necessary. It’s very hard to convince people to work harder at discerning information, which is why the CIA’s job is so easy that they’ve become very lazy and are now fat for the slaughter, as the speed of information sharing on the internet, especially on X, is so much faster than they can adapt the Counternarrative to facts that blow up in their face.

Let's do a quick dissection of The Protocols. The Mainstream claims The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is a forgery of a secret Jewish plot to control the world. No one answers this simple question: What is it a forgery of? There’s nothing else like it. No one knows of a “real” Protocols that would necessarily have to exist in order for there to exist a forgery of it, because if you forge something that doesn’t exist, you just made what we call in plain English an “original”. So, right off the bat, you may think you are on the Chinese floor of the Obshaka, because something smells fishy.

If you’re unfamiliar with The Protocols, follow this link for a one page summary before reading on so you can mist yourself with The True Essence of the Protocols™, a cheap fragrance sold at Bergdorf’s or something. Maybe you can buy it at Alex Jones’s Info Wars Store next to the Anti-DeathJab supplements while supplies last. If you’ve never heard of it, you’re in for quite the wild ride. If you want to play the role of the Star Student in La Comédie Mondiale, go ahead and read this longer history of The Protocols: 

Here’s the rub, it doesn’t just include Jews. It is heavily based on centuries-old ideas found in the Talmud as well as in Zionism itself, though it is designed to work with Goyim in the banking and industrial sectors as well, even though it is written to make it seem the Bill Gateses and Klaus Schwabs of the world are excluded, thus cementing in the false claim that The Protocols are just Antisemitic tropes or ‘canards’, as people like to call them.

Protocol Two says:

"The GOYIM… we need not take any account of them, let them amuse themselves until the hour strikes, or live on hopes of new forms of enterprising pastime, or on the memories of all they have enjoyed... In the hands of the States of to-day there is a great force that creates the movement of thought in the people, and that is the Press. The part played by the Press is… to express and to create discontent… The Goyim States have not known how to make use of this force; and it has fallen into our hands. Through the Press we have gained the power to influence while remaining ourselves in the shade."

In the last lesson we learned how Disinformation is used to censor opposition to Propaganda, and that’s exactly what’s happening here. They use the word ‘Goyim’, which is Hebrew for ‘Gentiles’ or ‘non-Jews’ in order to make it sound like the plan is exclusively for Jews, and therefore the entire book can be dismissed as Antisemitic Propaganda, however, if we change the word ‘Goyim’ to ‘plebes’ or ‘sheep’ or ‘poor people’, then we see a different dichotomy arise – that of the powerful versus the powerless, those in control versus the controlled, the elite versus the masses.

Do you now understand how powerful of a Psychological Weapon the term ‘Antisemitism’ is? You can literally lay out the plan for world domination by a tiny group of powerful people that all the world can access, but few people will read it and even fewer will openly discuss it if you simply cast a spell on the book, by saying, “Abracadabra…this book is Antisemitic,” just one single time on Rachel Maddow’s show or on CNN between Jeffrey Toobin’s jerkoff sessions, or have the CIA write up a State Department bullshit report, and then it is so. This book is off limits for discussion by anyone dumb enough to listen to someone else tell you not to read something. If you describe the contents of the book to someone, you’ll be slapped with the second most powerful Psychological Weapon – you’ll be labeled a Tin-Foil Hat Wearing Conspiracy Theorist. This reality would be hysterical if not so utterly destructive to civilization and our collective happiness as humans.

Now, well over a century later in the United States, Jews are wildly overrepresented in the media. If you say this out loud, Jonathan Greenblyatt will grab his mighty bullhorn over at the ADL and announce to the world that you are an ‘Antisemite’ just for stating this small fact. How would a so-called ‘forgery’ foresee this correctly over a century ago? There’s a very logical reason why Jews tend to accumulate in areas of the economy that involve writing. We dive into this further in a later chapter, but the answer is simple: it’s cultural. 

Jews tend to learn to read at a younger age and the Rabbi-student relationship teaches them to examine what they read from multiple angles and argue their ideas out with the Rabbi. So they become better with words. This is why they score higher on IQ tests where verbal skills measure half of the test. This is why they do well in law, screenwriting, journalism, etc. It’s not Antisemitic to say a culture that promotes reading at a young age will produce people who are more likely to excel at writing. As you’ll find hiding behind all these weaponized -isms are simple explanations that deflate the attempts at fear mongering that give these terms their power.

If you do your own research, you’ll find a fuckton of fuckery around the history of The Protocols, including name changes, different versions, etc. As others have said, and I believe as well, the purpose of The Protocols was to be able to put this plan out in public to attract the greedy and diabolical, regardless of race or ethnicity so long as they are wealthy and powerful, to unify around this common goal of One World Government. Therefore, I believe The Protocols to be an example of very powerful Propaganda, and smears of Antisemitism to be the Disinformation used to censor opposition to the Propaganda. So fine, this looks like a Jewish Plot that Hitler talked about, but answer me this: What is a Jew? 

The term ‘Antisemitism’ doesn't’ even have a set definition, but rather a constantly updated definition that is updated by self-proclaimed authorities, or Pharisees essentially. This issue really caught mainstream attention in March 2024 when Candace Owens agreed to debate Rabbi Barclay about her comments and views in response to sustained public harassment by Rabbi Schmuley and his daughter. Rabbi Barclay is one of the self-proclaimed Pharisees that decides on the fly what is and isn’t ‘Antisemitic’, so Candace cornered him and asked for a definition of the word. He actually gave several, but here’s a clip to give you an example of the Go-Go Gadget Arm reach that Rabbi Barclay had to go through in order to hide the fact that he proposed no useable answer, but rather meandered through cherry-picked history to then justify his claim that he can call Candace ‘Antisemitic’ whenever he wants, because it is, in his own words, ‘unique’. 

In reality, Jew can be anyone who claims to be Jewish, who identifies as a Jew. All a person has to do is find a Rabbi or Talmudist to say they’re a Jew, vouch for them, and no one can say otherwise. Or, even easier, they can just say their grandmother was Jewish. It’s considered too Antisemitic to say someone looks like a Jew, or doesn’t look like a Jew, so technically you can be Chinese and say you’re a Jew, and if someone says you don’t look Jewish, just call them an Antisemite. I didn’t make the rules, Rabbi Barclay did. George Soros looks European with bright blue eyes, doesn't believe in God, actually thinks he is God, and collaborated with the literal Nazis to help find Jews to send to the camps. Yet he's still so welcomed by the Jewish community that the ADL made a whole page saying that if a person tells things that Soros openly does: subvert economies for profit and flood Christian countries with foreigners, Jonathan Greenblyatt says that's an Antisemitic trope so you can't say it. ( ) To add icing to that cake, when I searched for the page, I found that it shows up as a sponsored link, The ADL spends money to censor discussion about George Soros’s subversion, which caused him to be banned from eight countries, including the country of his birth, Hungary. Notice it says ‘anti-bias’ instead of ‘unbiased’? Here’s a screenshot of the ad:

Screenshot showing that ADL Disinformation protecting George Soros is a sponsored link.

DNA tests are relatively new, and even with those, no one can force you to take one. You just have to say you’re one and Voilá! The birth of Shrödinger’s Jew. As for the word ‘Antisemitism’, only 5% of Jews today are actual Semites by DNA, as per a study done by Johns Hopkins. The reason I bring this up is to show that this word has so much power, yet doesn’t even have a meaning, which is precisely why it is so powerful and nearly impossible to defend against. ‘-isms’ are an entire class of Psychological Weapon that has their own full chapter, as they are often used as tools of control and manipulation. Decades of a Cold War raged over two -isms, Capitalism and Communism, millions of people dead, trillions of dollars wasted, all over two -isms.

They only label The Protocols “Antisemitic” to stop people from reading it, and if someone does read it, they can’t discuss it lest someone ask “Are you a Nazi or something?” And your answer better be a resolute “No!!!” followed by a dithering, meandering list of all the reasons why you can’t be Antisemitic, like “I like bagels,” “I have Jewish friends,” or even better, “Jesus was Jewish!” Jews love that one. That’ll certainly get you off the hook. This is how Censorship works in the real world. 

After reading this, read the Protocols and see what's in there and ask yourself if any of those things are happening, and then understand that if you say any of that is happening, even if you say the “essence” of it is happening, that there's a group of people (cough cough Bill Gates,Klaus Schwab (neither Jewish) and the WEF) trying to form One World Government… Congratulations!, Telling the truth got you labeled an Antisemite and people will shun you and not buy your daughter’s Girl Scout Cookies anymore, and you might even get DEI-Fired over it. So keep your mouth shut, goy (or ‘self-hating Jew’ if you happen to be Jewish). 

This is an example of a “Weaponized Term” that we'll go over in depth in later chapters.

This isn’t an honest mistake. The researchers at the CIA are extremely well-indoctrinated and well-trained. This is not some mere oversight or born out of ignorance. This is just another page out of the Tried and Tested Disinformation Handbook™ that has been so worn out from use that it has become obvious to anyone with even the slightest bit of training, which, by the way, you now have, Anon.

As luck would have it, right on the same page 31 where we found “the essence of The Protocols”, we also find another whopper of a claim for anyone with any experience at all delving into the wiley world of Russian espionage.

Let us take a look at the line directly following that sweet fragrance from Bergdorf’s called “The Essence of the Protocols™”:

According to Israeli scholar Baruch A. Hazan, in the mid-1970s, “virtually all instruments of international propaganda [had] been mobilized to battle Zionism.” The Soviet media spread disinformation equating Zionism with Nazism and Israeli soldiers with Nazis, dismissing acts of antisemitism as Zionist “provocations,” and portraying Zionists as spies. [emphasis my own]

The CIA knows full well that Russians have a long history of considering any foreigner to be a potential spy. As a matter of fact, that is such a centerpiece of Russian Counterintelligence dating back centuries that it has evolved into the very language they speak. This is why, as I found out after I was already studying in the course, that the course I took, Russian Language and Civilization at Saint Petersburg State University, was designed by an Undercover KGB Officer specifically to train foreigners as spies specifically by properly learning how Russians acquire language and communicate. It is so pivotal to understanding Russian Espionage that this knowledge was passed to me in the third sentence of my Twenty Minute Class on How to be a Russian Spy™, when one of Putin’s Goons™, a GRU-Stranger, approached me on the street and I realized my Twenty Minute Course had begun.

Here’s how the conversation started. I was standing by the street in front of the Obshaka smoking a cigarette, a Soyuz to be exact. ‘Soyuz’ means ‘Union’ in Russian. The full name of the brand was ‘Soyuz Apollon’ or Apollo-Soyuz, named after the first crewed international space mission between the United States and Soviet Union in 1975 that signified détente between the two superpowers. I bought the pack because it had a picture of the space shuttles on the front, symbolizing cooperation between these two Cold War foes, and I thought it cool that Russia and America could work together on cool things like chilling in space and developing things like Aeroponics together. Then the GRU-Stranger approached me. And the conversation opened like this:

“Are you CIA?” he asked me in English.
“I’m not a spy,” I answered in Russian, locking eyes with the GRU-Stranger.
The GRU-Stranger switched the conversation back to English, “Ehh..we think you’re all CIA,” he said with a slight chuckle, before the air became cold and his stare became solidly fixed, before he delivered the line that would change my life forever.
“If you have eyes, you’re a spy.”
[insert pregnant pause]
– The End.

I don’t want to give away any more spoilers about the next chapter, but I just wanted to point out that Zionists usually have eyes. Therefore, the Russians think all of them are spies. Now let me ask you, Anon – Do you have eyes? If so, the Russians think YOU are a spy as well, whether you’re a Zionist or not. Does that strike you as Antisemitic, Anon? Well, punk…does it?

Yet the CIA pays people the big bucks to print this drivel on Langley-Brand Digital Toilet Paper™. In reality, the CIA is creating and stoking actual Antisemitism, or blanket animosity towards all Jews, in their effort to paint people telling the truth as Antisemitic for their own political benefit and jollies. The CIA plays normies for suckers and in so doing scares the bejesus out of normie Jews, making them think the world hates them when they actually aren’t being treated any differently than anyone else. 

So, there you have it. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

In closing, I want to take this opportunity to clear up something that schools systematically avoid talking about – the causes of the persecution of Jews throughout European history. Jews themselves aren’t taught this, so they think Antisemitism is endemic rather than something caused by the action of a small group of people, thus, if exposed, can completely eradicate Antisemitism from Western lands for good. 

Keep in mind that fear is profitable, so the information I’m about to share with you is heavily censored behind the World’s Most Powerful Censorship and Psychological Weapon™ – The Word ‘Antisemitism’.

Watch this short video on X to learn about the cause of the Hungarian uprising, which was actually an anti-Jewish uprising. This wasn’t caused by people just waking up one Tuesday morning, or whatever, and saying, “Hey, you know what, let's just persecute the Jews today,” and they all did this in perfect unison.

Nope. There’s a censored history of Jews having positions of privilege and power in the Soviet Union, high ups in the NKVD, gulags, Communist Party, etc. The reason was simple, it wasn’t some “Essence of the Protocols” nonsense, it was a tried and true totalitarian play of using a minority to oppress the majority in order to control the population. The majority couldn’t rise up against the minority, and the minority did the bidding of those in power for fear that they could become easily persecuted by an enraged majority. The old game of divide and conquer. Communism can’t thrive where there’s Christianity, so they needed to find a minority group who could be used to oppress Christians. 

Well, it just so happens that Christians and Jews have a history of struggling to coexist, so the choice was obvious. Totalitarianism can only take hold when you have a Tyranny of the Minority who then implement draconian rules and laws on the people to keep them oppressed. This is nothing new. It’s been happening since we formed societies. Plato and Aristotle wrote about this, both saying that divisions would be fomented within societies in order for the rulers to consolidate and increase power.

The CIA knows this, they know you want to know this, but they lie to you, and they know you hate being lied to, and they know you pay their salaries. So why do they do this?

Let’s let former CIA Director William Casey say it in his own words (1981): 

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

The CIA lies to the people it’s supposed to protect because a people that believes in lies are a people easily controlled and manipulated by the ones who know the truth. Half the population believes the lie, while the other half of the population must constantly dispel lies in the other half of the population, which will not only slow down the formation of class consciousness, but in turn will impede the ability of the masses to create workable solutions to problems before those in control can divide with lies again.

Remember this One Simple CIA Trick of American Disinformation™ – Tell a version of the truth that suits you, but only tell half of it, and make it as slimy as possible so anyone trying to correct the deception can be easily dismissed as a bumbling Tin-Foil Hatter Conspiracy Theorist (The Second Most Powerful Censorship and Psychological Weapon™).

Don’t forget the lesson in seeing how bad actors conceal Disinformation campaigns from the gullible in this world. They title their web pages the opposite of what they truly are, “Disarming Disinformation”, for instance, while they actively spread Disinformation on the page that is imperceptible to the uninformed and untrained eye. Deceptive Influence Operations only work on the target if the target is unable to perceive the Deception.


Watch CIA Hungarian uprising against Jews:

Домашнее Задание – Research the Hungarian uprising. First, go to Google and see what you find, then head over to and input the same search terms to see just how different the results are. Yandex censors different things than Google, so you should switch between the search engines depending on the topic you are researching, or switch to one of the many smaller, specialized search engines out there.

Extra Credit: If you’re feeling bold enough to get on an FBI (KGB) watchlist, head over to this webpage and read through all the many resources available for your reading pleasure. Now, you may be a little, or a lot, scared because the site is called Stormfront, and ooooh, that’s Nazi. But relax. The site was actually founded by a Jew who wanted to have open conversations about topics like these (and maybe turn you in to the Mossad ;) The information here is generally factual and claims should always be backed up with sources. So, no matter who you are, you can be open and engage in conversation with people who like learning and sharing knowledge about topics censored in polite company outside 4chan.