Russian Propaganda vs The Twitter Anti-Disinfo Agent LARPer

Unmasking the Professional Disinformation Agents Masquerading as Anti-Disinformation Agents

“NATO’s approach to countering disinformation is based on two key functions: Understand and Engage. NATO continuously analyzes the information environment in order to understand what people are saying, hearing and reading about NATO and key topics related to its work. Based on this understanding, the Alliance engages with audiences through various channels, providing accurate information in its public communications.”

NATO’s webpage - “NATO’s approach to countering disinformation” Updated 08 Nov 2023

In what looked like to anyone actually paying attention was the run up to World War III, as the United States staged a Color Revolution in Ukraine in 2014, which set up for the obvious confrontation with Russia through a proxy war called 'Special Military Operation' (SMO), a group of sick, twisted, degenerate retards popped up on Twitter. NAFO Clowns, NAFOtards, or NAFOggots…were common names people called surprise pedophiles filled their ranks and seemingly all of them engage in obsessive pederasty, degeneracy and public perversion as their only true love in life, but they don’t have enough stamina to chase jollies all the time.

So in between perv sessions, they engage in Psychological Warfare and American-Style Propaganda dissemination and recruit others, as it would eventually come out on a suspected Russiancontrolled anti-NAFO Telegram channel running Counterpropaganda, on dark web child porn sites to join their PSYOP-Army to march onto the Field of Digital Battle to harass people trying to openly and honestly discuss the situation in Ukraine, injecting lies, distortions, cheap and cheesy warmongering-cheerleading into as many conversations as they can until they've saved up enough stamina for another Sissy-Porn-Watching Marathon, after spamming carefully crafted Disinformation articles, disgusting memes and jokes about Putin sucking dicks and diving in poop.

They truly are an unsavory bunch, to put it lightly.

They call themselves ‘Anti-Disinformation Agents’, which is spook-speak for someone spreading disinformation. They say they ‘fight Russian Disinformation’ which is spook-speak for spreading lies about Russia. The way you know this is that there is no need to label yourself as a truth-teller unless you set out to lie. You don't preempt telling the truth by having to tell people that you tell the truth. It's like a used car salesman saying 'trust me, I'm totally honest'. You wouldn't trust a person saying this on a used car lot, you also shouldn't trust someone saying this in the Twitter bio.

In reality, you can’t just ‘fight disinformation’ on Twitter because it’s not the proper platform. Disinformation doesn’t spread provable lies, but rather pushes a narrative that lies by omission. You can’t do this level of analysis at the tweet level. All you can do is spam articles because there aren’t lies spread that can easily be pointed to.

This effort to ‘combat Russian Propaganda and Disinformation’ is completely misguided as, to a Western audience and laypeople, they conflate the two as the same thing. They’re not. Russian Propaganda states their goals and only tells Little Lies to help achieve those goals. Russian Disinformation is deception used to censor opposition to the Propaganda. Once you see this, the Russian strategy becomes clear. NAFO spreads disinformation itself, and that is why it only worked for a short time, before becoming counterproductive to NATO’s goals, but you can’t put the genie back in the bottle, so there was no ‘off’ button once these jackals were released.

To paraphrase Saul Alinsky's 'Rules for Radicals', accuse the other side of that which you are doing in order to inoculate the audience from allegations that you are lying, so that there’s a 50/50 chance that each member of the audience will side with you in the tit-for-tat, back and forth of calling each other the liar, meaning you can convince the easily duped who don't think critically to not believe the truthful claims being made by the other side. Russia’s strategy is to avoid the tit-for-tat and just keep repeating their truth and eventually win people over because they see Russia as more trustworthy than the pro-Ukrainian accounts.

Labeling yourself the good guy and the other bad is a silly, childish tactic, but it works so well because it’s easy to call yourself whatever you want and passersby will generally give you the benefit of the doubt because that requires fewer limited thinking cycles in the brain and few people actually train and read up on Propaganda, Information and Psychological Warfare tactics that will now become perfectly clear and obvious to you just by having read this lesson, which I’m willing to wager only a small fraction of you knew how to do this before reading it now.

An Explanation of NAFO

'NAFO' is an acronym for North American Fellas Organization, an extremely cheesy and lame play on NATO, the North American Treaty Organization, which is a Western (though still rapidly expanding) alliance formed to defend Western Europe from the threat of the Soviet Red Army, but has now morphed into the military enforcement arm of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank, as evidenced by the offensive use of NATO to take out Libya's Gaddafi when he moved to start a gold-backed currency to free African nations from the dollar, challenging the hegemony of the Western Liberal banking system. Coincidentally, the US, including both Obama and Hillary, engaged in rapprochement with Putin and Russia until 2014 after Putin kicked the Rothschilds and George Soros out of the country.

NATO always says it is only a defensive alliance, but there was no military threat from Gaddafi, yet NATO toppled him for financial reasons and left a black hole that proved Gaddafi’s warning to be true: without him there would be nothing stopping a mass invasion of Europe by Africans through Libya. Now, Europe, with the open help of George Soros, has realized this threat was not hollow.

Within a short time, Assistant Secretary of State for Europe Victoria Nuland, nicknamed the Diplomatic Angel of Death, Destruction and the Decimation of Entire Nations Under the Guise of Diplomacy, showed up in Maidan Square handing out bagels while secret CIA bases popped up along the Russian border as did dozens of secret bioweapons labs (Weapons of Mass Destruction), and a Color Revolution started right in the same Maidan Square where Nuland handed out bagels.

This ousted the Russia-aligned president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, in an illegal coup that started as a stereotypical CIA-style protest, complete with European Union flags, chants and coordinated messaging and hashtags, turned violent in what was proven in Ukrainian court to be a false flag terrorist attack during the protest, which the Mockingbird Media quaintly named 'Euromaidan', as snipers on roofs killed scores of protestors. This was, of course, blamed on Russia, but the court found it was actually far-right Western-aligned terrorists, who did not get jail sentences. How strange.

With this as a backdrop, the Western Liberal Banking World Order needed cover to start a proxy war against Russia while pushing for regime change in Moscow through a mix of 65,000 sanctions at the same time Russia would have to spend money on war. The West cut Russia off from banking and then hit it where they thought it'd hurt: they blew up the Nord Stream pipeline that provided cheap energy to Germany, which ultimately ended up leading to an explosion in energy prices across the EU, killing the mighty German manufacturing’s profitability and competitiveness. After a colossal amount of chicanery, the West realized that Putin was a Weeble, and Weebles wobble but they don't fall down.

NATO, and by extension NAFO, always repeated the talking point that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was ‘unprovoked’. When you pointed out the 1990’s agreement that the U.S. made that if Russia pulled out of East Germany, NATO would expand ‘not one inch to the east’ of Germany. The U.S. denied this agreement until the State Department cable was released that documented this agreement. Then, the NAFO talking point became, “Show me the “signed treaty” that said this”, because there was no treaty, just a verbal agreement. This shows the existence of some structure of dissemination of key talking points to support the prevailing Western narrative.

Russia was in free fall in the 1990’s and expected to be treated at least as good as Germany and Japan after WWII given that Russia allied with the U.S. in both World Wars and had attacked America fewer times than “Our Greatest Ally” attacked us, when you take into account Israel’s attack on the virtually unarmed USS Liberty in 1967 during the Six-Day War when it was there to monitor the situation. Thirty-four Americans died from this deliberate attack, more than were ever attacked militarily by Russia.

Simultaneously, the CIA ran a PSYOP on the West to act like Alexei Navalny, an opportunist who claimed to be an 'anti-corruption' candidate even though his money man was filmed negotiating a payment of $20 million from MI6 to stage a Color Revolution against Putin, had even the slightest chance of replacing Putin even though he had no political experience and no serious network. Here is a link to the Lord Bebo’s X post with the video and accurate Community Note correction about who is in the video and what is being negotiated: ) Navalny only had >2% support. Western Useful Idiots kept parroting that Putin persecuted Navalny because he was the most serious challenger when the Communist Party candidate in Russia would poll up to 10%, 5x higher than Navalny. The whole thing reeked of desperation and weakness. But this wasn't even the most absurd PSYOP the CIA ran against Russia online.

NAFO is a sick, twisted and extra retarded PSYOP, so absurd, in fact, that for the longest time I thought it was a joke, a LARP for people who wanted to run a fake PSYOP just for the lulz. Leave it to the CIA to enlist a gang of pedos on the dark web, hungry to LARP as part of something greater than themselves and consequential, to fan out across the internet and be the face of their operation and promote their cause. It obviously backfired but they kept feeding the trolls, putting up the most ludicrous training materials on YouTube, where men in camo would go out in the woods and teach incels how to tweet with each other. 'See a fella, follow a fella' was their mantra at the beginning so that they would all have a higher rank in the algorithm.

If you wanted to join, you'd go to their Discord, donate to one of the Ukrainian charities they had listed so you could be included in funding the war machine, then some tard would make you a profile pic that included the Shiba Inu dog that was used by the memecoin cryptocurrency called Dogecoin, demonstrating just how unoriginal this PSYOP was. I often wonder if they realized they'd stepped in a giant pile of dogshit and maybe couldn’t stop it once they realized who started filling the ranks.

According to an analysis on the anti-NAFO Telegram channel, they enlisted the slime at the bottom of the barrel of Gamergate, a misogynistic harassment campaign against feminism and progressivism in video game culture, to implement their incel tactics on normies just trying to openly and honestly discuss the situation in Ukraine. According to one researcher on the Telegram channel, most NAFOids are boomers and the documents they released in their doxxing posts show different forms of sex addiction, either in consumption or peddling in different kinds of porn to past financial scams including stealing money from credit cards used by people who bought porn from them, then funneling the money through numerous international shell companies so it couldn’t be recovered. This latter allegation had to do with a large influencer who was known by the media. This came complete with passport photo, address changes and family structure, including divorces and abandoning his children. It’s quite amazing and terrifying to see the amount of info leaked on this channel.

Once they realized that their Big Lie Propaganda™, or telling a lie over and over again until people believe it, tactics were not effective against the truth, they switched to Targeted Character Assassinations and Doxxing™ to silence people telling the truth. The Telegram channel waited several months after the doxxings cooled to run their own doxxing campaign on the chief doxxer, though I won’t include any of that information here.

The accounts all act the same. They are completely obnoxious, have no social graces whatsoever, parrot the same slogans and talking points, cheer on things that no organic person would cheer on, like cheering for more taxpayer money to be sent to a foreign country with no chance of winning a war. You'd rather hear nails on a chalkboard than interact with them. It got so bad people stopped engaging and just blocked every one they saw. Sometimes, you wouldn't notice it was NAFO, which you could tell usually by a Shiba Ino dressed in military fatigues as their profile pic, but some changed and you'd accidentally reply to them then open a can of worms as they'd go through your profile and cyberstalk you. If annoyance could crystallize into human form, that human form would immediately open a Twitter account with a Shiba Inu in a military fatigue as its profile pic. They usually place their location as Langley,VA, home to the CIA headquarters and write cheeky comments in their bio like “definitely not CIA. “

NAFO Clowns don’t even try to be human, which goes the extra length to hurt the movement. They don’t even seem to try to learn or see others as human, which is very off-putting. I had a conversation with a NAFO about my grandmother, who was Russian from Ukraine, and my Ukrainian friends who said they were no different than Russians. He tried to give me a “Russian test” to see if I could answer something with misspellings, and I pointed out a simple grammatical error (which was probably the test). Then it turned to harassment until I blocked him and he posted a screenshot with “another happy customer” on the post as if he won a prize. They assume everyone is lying because, well, obviously they are always lying. This is a very bad strategy to run a PSYOP, as it just makes everyone with a Shiba Inu dressed in military fatigues instantly dismissed.

Recently, there was a post explaining the evidence that Ukraine was trained by NATO to carry out the bombing of Nord Stream. The NAFO comments were all simplistic, like “So no smoking gun.” No, no one said there was a gun. There was a smoking bomb. Other responses could’ve been made by a bot, such as “Wrong” or “Lies”. This convinces no one.

The biggest success they had in muddying the waters was around the April 2022 peace deal that Zelensky didn't sign because Boris Johnson showed up to scuttle it and scatter it to the wind like it was his hair. NAFO successfully spread the talking point that Ukraine wouldn't sign a peace deal because Russia had committed war crimes in a town near Kiev called Bucha. The argument on its face made no sense. Why would you not stop the war and keep all your land because the other side committed a war crime and risk losing ground and potentially the entire country? This would only lead to more death and destruction, and for what benefit to Ukraine?

Anyway, when you argued, they ganged up and pounced on you, and if you fought back too effectively, they'd reply to you with the hashtag #NAFOArticle5, which was a call to arms for the troops to rally and harass you, and in severe cases, to dox you. This had a chilling effect on speech, which was an effective form of censorship. How do you explain to a normie that this is a form of censorship? No one is stopping you from writing all you want, there are just unwanted consequences that happen that outweigh your desire to participate in the conversation.

The thing about the 'Bucha Massacre' is that it is very easily debunked that Russians did it. Russians took Bucha, then pulled back out, specifically because they thought the peace deal would be signed by Zelensky and that was an act of goodwill to make Ukraine comfortable signing the treaty, as it was a signal that Russia backed off from taking Kiev.

So the Russians pulled out, and four days later, the Ukrainians entered town and saw bodies propped up along the street like it was staged to look horrible. There was a mass grave. But then we found out that the church leader requested the mass grave because they didn't have another way to bury all the bodies in a timely manner. It also turned out there was photographic evidence of this being a hoax. The poses showed the bodies had been moved post mortem. The hands were tied behind their backs with white cloth that was still pearly white, even after days of rain which would've removed the brightness and made it dirty.

On top of this, Russia called for an emergency meeting at the UN Security Council in order to demand an international investigation, but the UK postponed it until the point that an investigation would no longer be useful as the evidence was all so heavily tainted. Later investigations found nothing conclusive.

However, there are just too many oddities here. Why would Russia commit war crimes, then pull out without hiding their crimes? Why would they leave their hands bound, which makes it obvious a person was killed in captivity, which is a war crime? Why did the Western Mockingbird Media claim that videos showed atrocities when the worst it actually showed was a guy being escorted by the arm while he groaned and a line of people being moved to a new location by a guy behind him with a gun? During the fog of war, you would assume there was more evidence so it would look scarier, but move evidence never came. The Russians must've been extra careful to avoid all cameras while killing people all over the city.

And that's another thing. The dead bodies were not all in a single location. There was no rhyme or reason as to why the bodies were located where they were. Some were in the middle of the road, with their hands tied up. Others against a wall. Some were far away from other bodies, some were in groups. Their bodies weren't positioned how gunshot victims usually fall. One guy had his arm behind his back, not bound, and I can't imagine how that would've happened if not staged.

During the reign of Catherine the Great in Russia, she would take train rides to look at the state of the country. Some towns looked like shit but didn't want her to know that, so they built these beautiful displays, cutouts that looked like houses and they would paint the facades of houses to make them look beautiful. The Potemkin Village got its name from Grigory Potemkin, Catherine's lover who came up with the idea to save face when she wanted to take a tour to see how he maintained the region he looked after. There is no doubt in my mind that Bucha was set up as a Potemkin Village to provide cover for the West bribing Zelensky to rip up the peace agreement with Russia that would've ended the bloodshed and kept Eastern Ukraine but would've forbidden NATO and nukes in Ukraine. NAFO ran a successful disinformation campaign under the banner of “Anti Russian Disinfo Agents”. Just like all PSYOPS saying they “fight Disinformation”, including open governmental ones, this was nothing more than a mass censorship operation.

I did happen upon what may have been the one single sane NAFOtard and we went back and forth about Bucha a lot. I got him to admit that, even though he still thought I was wrong, I did make valid points. This is the exception with NAFO. They aren't there to teach nor learn, they are there to harass and bully into submission, to act as the censors to the NATO/CIA Disinformation Campaign that was necessary to dupe Western citizens into remaining docile while their pocketbooks got robbed in this fool’s errand… this war profiteer's war that had absolutely no benefit to the taxpayer nor Ukraine, but the downside of risking hot war with Russia, which means nuclear war. Not fun!

The main objective of NAFO is not to spread NATO talking points, but rather to censor opposition that exposes those talking points as Disinformation, true to form for so-called “Anti Disinfo Agents.” In response, pro-Russia groups waited out the initial flood of comments and doxxing, waiting for it to die down before running their own doxxing campaigns against the culprits, using the same old Russian tactic of ‘icing them out’. They waited for them to burn out before acting. This is the same mindset of the country that burned their own capital in order to defeat Napoleon.

Fighting Anti-Disinfo Censors to Stop Big Lie Propaganda

As is the Trick of the Trade, you can’t spread Big Lie Propaganda without implementing heavy and effective Censorship in some form or another, and that form of Censorship must not be able to be easily conceptualized and countered by unorganized opposition. Organization and brute force are the only characteristics that work with Big Lie Propaganda, which turn into their Achilles Heel once they’ve played out their deck and organized opposition has mounted.

The most popular doxxing campaign was done by a Finn who ran a series under a hashtag (not included so as to not dox myself) and how he doxxed people, but then was himself doxxed. In the Telegram channel, they stated they were Russian Intelligence, but this could be a form of Obmana (trickery) implemented by anyone who is au courant in the tactics of Information and Psychological Warfare.

Now, my dear reader, I’m about to pull a proverbial rabbit out of the hat and wow you with one quick lesson to demonstrate to you just how quickly you can learn how to fashion a Psychological Weapon out of thin air, learn to wield it and how quickly you can hop right into battle.

This whole book (La Comédie Mondiale) isn’t all Russian-Style Propaganda™ (MACTEP's Little Lie Technique™), though there is a lot of that throughout, including this part coming up. I’m going to teach you something that you can learn in an instant, then teach it to others nearly as fast. The people you teach it to can each teach ten more people and each of them ten more. Contrary to the American usage of the term 'Propaganda', spreading an idea or goal in this way is the original definition of the word, stemming from the Latin 'propagare', meaning "to propagate, to spread, to disseminate". The Catholic Church coined the term 'Propaganda Fide', short for 'Sacra Congregatio de Propaganda Fide', which means 'Sacred Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith', or simply 'spreading Christianity' to put it in the parlance of our times.

After over two decades of studying various flavors of propaganda, I've come up with my two of my own definitions:

Russian-Style Propaganda (n): 1: The use of words, images and actions used to attain a goal or spread an idea. 2: Writing so good you run and tell the whole world about it.

The fact is that I can teach you Russian-Style Propaganda lighting fast. Russian are very fast at teaching these kinds of things. I was taught in only a few hours and over the years I kept thinking back to what they taught and how fast and efficiently they taught me. We don’t call them Russians because they’re slow (womp womp). The propaganda is the easy part. The most important part is defining the goal or idea you want to spread. Propaganda in a vacuum is so simple that once you define this goal or idea, you just start writing and/or making pictures to spread it. Easy peasy. I can tell by the look on your face that you think there is more to this story, which is a good assumption. There is – Censorship.

There’s a word for the evil force standing in your way, hindering or even fully stopping your free expression from spreading. It’s a word you know, but you know it only by a definition that serves the interests of the state and powerful: Censorship. So let us look at the true definition of the word.

Censorship (n): 1: An invisible force, either real or imaginary, either internal or external, that creates within any free person even the slightest suppression of truthful free expression that is not willingly suppressed by this person for purposes that benefit themselves. 2: Suppression of the expression of truth in reaction to the threat of some form of punishment, either by the state, employment or social network. 3: Disinformation spread to inoculate the target audience from the truth, or put obstacles to the spread of propaganda by creating confusion around it.

The knowledge can spread throughout society at a rate determined by the Alchemy of Virality™ that guides the evolution of the Interwebs. Now buckle up. This is going to hit you as fast as Spetznas parachuting out of a fighter plane into your base, that is to say, Lightning Fast⚡️. Are you ready? Set? Go!

“A person calling themselves an ‘anti-disinfo agent’ is a professional disinfo agent unless they tell you the specific deceptive components they term ‘disinformation’, which is just a blanket term for ‘deception’, but weaponises a fancy term as a form of sleight of hand to make you doubt the information presented without you actually asking what part of the information is false because they used a ten dollar big word developed at Yale so you dare not challenge the allegation lest you look like a humongous retard. A lie only becomes deception when it is believed, and a lie by omission is the hardest to spot as you become leery of sources saying anything counter to the prevailing narrative. Social pressure makes smart people turn dumb by simply acting like they should already know something, a great way to mask lies and censor the truth.”

And la voilà, you’ve now been successfully propagandized. Now go impress your friends at parties, write blog posts about this, tweet the zinger ‘#AntiDisinfoAgentsAreDisinfoAgents or blend it into your arguments to pull off a Simple Sick Burn™, make a quick clip on TikTok, YouTube and Twitter with the hashtags #HunterBidenLaptop #LaptopFromHell #RussianDisinformation, and #UltraMAGA to get extra views, and either read the part in quotation marks directly into the camera, looking all dainty and cute or toxicly masculine, totally up to you, I won’t judge. You can rewrite it so as to give it your own spin and examples, creating your own hashtag and focusing on your own issue. Or you can write a little jingle. Or you can grab some friends and act it out, dress up like spies and pretend to play some real CIA vs KGB cloak and dagger shit from back in the days when spooks were cool and did something more than corporate espionage, Color Revolutions and staff the #LangleyLügenpresse pumping out Operation Mockingbird detritus and spreading it all over our brains.

I could go on and on and on with ideas, but I think you get the picture. The information in this book, as well as any book, even one you write, or a blog post, or short video could go viral if enough qualified and driven people formed cells to quickly disseminate ideas and analysis of the current state of affairs in alignment with your Russian-Style Propaganda™ goals, which should dovetail into alignment with the goals of the others in your cell so that you may compound the effect of your particular propaganda on Shared Consciousness and Reality™, with the higher the degree of harmony between propaganda goals, the higher the exponential rate of effectiveness will be in altering Shared Consciousness and Reality™.

And remember, Young Jedi, this book is All Rights Reserved by River Systems, Inc, and we ran out of toilet paper one day and had to wipe our asses with the contract containing those rights, so you’re free to do whatever you want with the book and its contents, whether that means slicing and dicing the content into a stream of posts to help you pay your bills or altering it and posting it however you’d like. This includes our extensive catalog of Trademarked Psychological Weaponry™ that is facetiously marked with the well-known ™ symbol (meaning they aren’t legitimate trademarks and are only for fun).

The version originale of this LARP Manifesto™ is protected by the hash on our website, Nyet.Work, so you know that you’re getting the original. If you use this material, please give our site a link as well as the book’s Twitter account: @UnityTheBook, follow and click for notifications to know when we post more content. Posts are limited to new and upcoming content so won't clutter your feed.

Other than that, get drunk, get high, or not, and go buck wild. You are now a MACTEP-CERTIFIED™ RUSSIAN-STYLE PROPAGANDIST™, Level 1. Enjoy. Told you that would be Lightning Fast⚡️. Stick around for more high-quality, free lessons.